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What is BodyKind?

The BodyKind blog is about encouraging each other to look upon our own bodies as well as others with kinder eyes.  

We are constantly reminded to focus on how to improve the way we look, eat, exercise, dress etc. yet this means we get into the habit of judging and scrutinising not only our own bodies, but those of our friends, colleagues, teachers, parents, partners and strangers. 

Being BodyKind is about being mindful of our thoughts and increasing positive and kind thoughts towards our own bodies first and then extending this to others.

Why?   If you are like me, it can seem impossible to think positively about your body when we are taught to focus only on what needs to be improved.

For a long time, I found it very difficult to 'love my body'...especially when my body had brought me feelings of pain, rejection and unworthiness.

I really wanted to reach a genuine love for my body, but I didn't know how.  Eventually I read about a technique that seemed easy enough to try out...All I had to do was find one small thing each day, that I could be grateful for about my body.

I started with things like; "hey body! thanks for getting me work and home everyday". Then... "thanks arms for allowing me to hug my friends".  It was so simple I started to have fun with it.

In a short time, I started to see my body for more than it's appearance, size, shape and imperfections. I discovered so much more about my body and what it did for me, that I developed a renewed respect. I could see how it helped me travel the world and have wonderful adventures and hug people and read and see, play and move!  

Practising BodyKind thoughts, meant my body and I were becoming more friends than enemies... 

If you've been feeling hate towards your body, you could try this simple exercise:  find one small thing each day you are grateful for about your body.   If it's too hard to start with yourself just yet, start with others... for example, next time you look at someone, instead of jumping straight to judging their appearance or comparing yourself to them, think one kind thought about them.  After doing this for a week, you'll have no problem in coming up with a kind thought for yourself.

  • Compliment yourself.  
  • Pay a compliment to someone else.  
  • Think kindly towards every-Body.  
  • Be BodyKind.