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Frocktober 2019

November 05, 2019

Frocktober 2019

Welcome to our Frocktober 2019 support page!
Each year we love to help us to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Research by participating in Frocktober!

Who are we?
We adore wearing dresses and skirts and Miss Monroes lingerie for thighs, helps us and 100's of women worldwide, to embraces dress-wearing whilst preventing painful inner thigh chafe. 

What Causes Chafe?
Chafing can be caused from the friction of skin touching during hot or humid weather. It makes it impossible to wear dresses without protection from friction, and we just hated wearing boring bike shorts, thick leggings or uncomfortable shapewear to fix the problem. Most solutions available are non-breathable, heavy and hot and all look the same as box cut bike shorts...some in shiny lycra and others in a matte with no personality!

The Solution?
We design uber feminine, confidence boosting, sexy looking - yet incredibly comfortable, Lingerie for Thighs!  More like Freedom-Wear!
Made with breathable and moisture wicking SMART fabric, and luxurious stretch lace (with no silicone insight - for those with sensitive skin), these anti-chafe shorts will leave you feeling super cool, give you back your summer dresses and allow you to express your style! 
Our beautiful range of colours and styles compliment your outfits, not drag them down. Say no to chafe, say Yes to the dress!

How can we help to Frock Cancer?

Each year Miss Monroes loves to support Frocktober!  We help to raise money for this great cause whilst encouraging us to wear dresses everyday in October.
We want to empower women of all backgrounds and fashion styles to help support this common cause. We know there are a lot of women out there suffering from chafe, who have given up on wearing dresses...We hope to change this forever and as an amazing bonus they can join in this frocking fabulous fundraising campaign each year! In the past, chafing would have made this impossible for many women to take part, especially as the weather is warming up this time of year... Now, with our very practical, yet gorgeous range, there's a Miss Monroes anti-chafe short ready to mix and match with all the dresses just waiting to be flaunted and frocked!


Express yourself, your wardrobe and remember to love THIGH self!


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Sizing Chart




Size Guide

Size Guide


Miss Monroes, Lingerie for Thighs are designed to fit comfortable and snug, without the pressure of slim wear. 

  • The 4 way stretch of this high tech breathable fabric means that it will stretch with your body. 
  • The gorgeous lace trim on the leg should hug your thigh to keep them in place and not pinch or be too tight.
  • There may be slight differences in the stretchiness of each type of lace trim.  If you feel your thigh shape needs a little extra room, go up a size.**   : )
**If you are unsure, buy the next size up and if it’s not right,
we are happy to exchange or refund (check our refund policy here).

If you are in between sizes follow this table:
For best results, select the size range you are closest too. 
  • For example if you are in between sizes 14 and 16, yet closer to 16, select size 16-18. (Remember size is just a number!)
  • In between size 14-16, but you are closer to a size 14? (choose Size 12-14) 
  • If you are truly in-between sizes (e.g. size 11) then use your judgement on whether you think you need a little more give around the leg and lace trim... and select the next size up or down accordingly.

  Hey Gorgeous ladies!  I am gradually improving my Sizes 20-22 and 24-26 by applying the
plus+ sizing to certain styles.  This is because I still have stock in those sizes, that were made with the Australian Standard sizing. So at the moment, these are the styles that have the Plus sizing applied... The Marilyn, Swan Lace and Deja Nude. As I order more stock the other styles will become available in Plus Sizing. Thank you for your patience lovelies.
If you are unsure of the sizing, just drop me a line on info@missmonroes.com.au!  Rest assured Lingerie For Thighs cater to all body shapes and sizes and we also understand that everyone's fit and body shape will be different.  If you would like to try before you buy, you are more than welcome to come and try for yourself at the markets we visit several times a year (join our Facebook page for posts about these events). Or take the plunge and purchase a pair to try on at home and if you need to adjust the size or return them, I offer a 30 day return policy!
You can also contact me to ask specific questions at info@missmonroes.com.au.

Waist Rise: 

There are two waist rise options for preference and comfort (Low and Mid Rise).
Please check the image of our models above to help you compare waist rises,
then refer to the chart for waist measurements.

Leg Length:
The longer length sits approx. mid thigh (on a taller frame) 
and just below mid thigh (on a petite frame).

If in doubt and you want maximum coverage for thigh chafing,
start with our mid thigh length.

Mid Leg
Is approx. 18cm from inseam. (Measure from the top of the inside leg at crotch).
Note: This differs slightly on each body shape.
Short Leg:
Is approx. 15cm from inseam. (Measure from the top of the inside leg at crotch).
Note: This differs slightly on each body shape.

Need a longer or shorter length? Need a higher waist? 

Please let us know using our contact us page…. your request counts!  
We will release these styles sooner if we get enough interest. :)