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Lingerie for Thighs
Prevent thigh chafing and stop painful chub rub and feeling gorgeous!

Glamorous. Empowering. Exceptional.

Our Lingerie (not shapewear) looks and feels amazing to wear. 
Available in short and mid lengths in sizes 8 - 26!

I've suffered from thigh chafing and spent years
feeling trapped in trousers, shoved into shape wear or living in leggings
I know your pain.
I created Miss Monroes by sewing my own prototypes to change anti-chafing lingerie for good!   
For more... c
heck out My Story

Made from high-tech breathable stretch material that wicks away moisture.
Miss Monroes, Lingerie for Thighs prevent inner thigh chafe, stay put and keep their shape during all-day wear and regular washing.
Available in various colours to suit your mood (and outfit!) and trimmed top and bottom with luxe lace.    
They truly are Lingerie for Your Thighs.
Look beyond boring underlayers or restrictive shapewear.

Say no to thigh chafing... Say yes to the dress! 
Australian owned & Australian made.  

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No more Chub Rub, Thigh Chafing or Thigh Rub!

Dust off your dresses and skirts and get ready to feel amazing!



Star RatingNo Ride up, No roll down.  My Miss Monroes (silver screen goddess) are the best item of clothing I have bought all year. It is like my legs are gel lined when I wear them and i have been wearing skirts more often because they work so well. They don't ride up and they don't roll down. I am a happy gal! 2018

Star RatingI live in India and right now its really HOT. I wear my Miss Monroes basically everyday. Lucky I have multiple pairs. They breathe, I don't even notice I'm wearing them mostly and I honestly can't speak highly enough about them. Thank you xo. 2018

Star RatingLatest purchase...  I've bought a whole bunch of these since relocating to Darwin. They're great as a protective layer in hot, sticky weather and are quick drying. 2018

Star RatingFinally a product that works like it says!  Cannot fault Miss Monroes. They are comfortable, sexy and make wearing skirts and dresses for my generous thighs a breeze right through summer. Wonderful Australian company too, ticks all the boxes. 2018

Star RatingI love all the Undies!  I buy from Miss Monroes, they always make me feel a little bit prettier than the normal boring Undies you can buy. 2018

Star RatingHow did I live without these!  I am totally and utterly in love! The colour of them is amazing, so feminine and pretty plus they look amazing under everything I wear. I sometimes even let the stick out the bottom of my dress or skirt on purpose because I think they look so damn sexy! Not only are they so pretty but I honestly don't know how I ever survived without them. They have been my saving grace from getting rashes from my thighs rubbing. I've tried bike shorts and chaffing cream but nothing has worked all that well until I tried these. I am saving up to buy 3 more pairs! 2018

Star RatingThigh Changing!  I’m sold, what a difference these make to wearing skirts especially in summer. I suffered from seriously uncomfortable thigh chafe before I bought Miss Monroes but not since. I went with the size recommendations from the website and they fit perfectly. I’ll be putting in another order soon. 2018

Star RatingAMAZING!  These a lovely - perfect for hot summer days under a dress. They don’t roll up at the legs or down at the waist and stay in place. I now have myself 4 pairs! 2018

Star RatingBEAUTIFUL to wear!  I love these the most comfortable I have found....Now I want another pair.....sizing great I'm roughly a 12...and 12 to 14 great....and personalised service... So lovely.  2018

Star RatingFirst purchase and will be back! I was recommended to Miss Monroes by a friend and seeing as my one and only remaining pair of bike shorts has clocked up over a decade it was time for something new. So I purchased 3 pairs of Miss Monroes lingerie for thighs and I am very happy. The fabric and lace is silky soft and the fabric breathes and doesn't have rough spots for new chafing places. i will be back for more soon.  2018

Star RatingI FINALLY found these!  I have been looking for this kind of undergarment for years. Exactly what I was after - comfortable, sized perfectly and great looking. 2018

Star RatingNo Rolling!  I always struggled wearing dresses in summer due to thigh chafing. Came across these and they are perfect! Don't roll down at the top, don't roll up at the legs. So comfortable don't even notice you're wearing (other products are sooo tight) . Will DEFINITELY be purchasing more!! 2017

Star RatingTeacher saved by Miss Monroes! Wearing a skirt on playground duty on a windy day is ooooops! Miss M's underneath, no problem! Love my Miss Monroes.  2017

Star RatingHighly Satisfied...The product is excellent! It fits snugly without causing overheating and is completely undetectable under all of my dresses! I can finally wear dresses and skirts throughout the very hot Greek summer !!!! and will definitely buy some more !!!!  2017

Star RatingI've got to lingerie for thighs have been an absolute godsend on this holiday !!!  2017

Star RatingLove them... My Miss Monroes lingerie for thighs had just opened up a whole new work of possibilities in my wardrobe. They have become an everyday essential item allowing me confidence and comfort with what I wear. Love Them x  2017

Star RatingHeaven on my cheeky chunky thighs My mother bought my Miss Monroes after I kept stealing hers on a holiday in Fiji. They are just wonderful. They are so smooth on your legs you forget they are there. They don't cause a chunk roll at the top so they are super discreet under clothes. I recommend to all who are wanting a little relief from the dreaded summer chafe!  Sarah. 2017

Star RatingChub rub be gone!  Honestly, I have tried everything to minimise the dreaded chub rub, and nothing works as well as my 'Marilyn' lingerie for thighs! It's a relief to find something other than awful granny panties that I am actually proud to wear and show off. Can't wait to buy my next pair!  Karli. 2017

Star RatingWhy didn't I get some earlier?  I bought three pairs and I love them, so comfy in this warm weather and noooo chaffing. Claudine. 2017

Star RatingLOVE THEM! ! ! !   I love my Lingerie for Thighs!! They are extremely comfortable, unlike spanks... but still smooth out the bumps and prevent nasty chafing.  Angie. 2017

Star RatingAmazing Product!  Miss Monroes has changed the experience of wearing skirts and dresses for me. I feel fabulous, look sexy and there's no discomfort, even on the hottest days. Yay!  2017. Sally

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Sizing Chart




Size Guide

Size Guide


Miss Monroes, Lingerie for Thighs are designed to fit comfortable and snug, without the pressure of slim wear. 

  • The 4 way stretch of this high tech breathable fabric means that it will stretch with your body. 
  • The gorgeous lace trim on the leg should hug your thigh to keep them in place and not pinch or be too tight.
  • There may be slight differences in the stretchiness of each type of lace trim.  If you feel your thigh shape needs a little extra room, go up a size.**   : )
**If you are unsure, buy the next size up and if it’s not right,
we are happy to exchange or refund (check our refund policy here).

If you are in between sizes follow this table:
For best results, select the size range you are closest too. 
  • For example if you are in between sizes 14 and 16, yet closer to 16, select size 16-18. (Remember size is just a number!)
  • In between size 14-16, but you are closer to a size 14? (choose Size 12-14) 
  • If you are truly in-between sizes (e.g. size 11) then use your judgement on whether you think you need a little more give around the leg and lace trim... and select the next size up or down accordingly.

  Hey Gorgeous ladies!  I am gradually improving my Sizes 20-22 and 24-26 by applying the
plus+ sizing to certain styles.  This is because I still have stock in those sizes, that were made with the Australian Standard sizing. So at the moment, these are the styles that have the Plus sizing applied... The Marilyn, Swan Lace and Deja Nude. As I order more stock the other styles will become available in Plus Sizing. Thank you for your patience lovelies.
If you are unsure of the sizing, just drop me a line on!  Rest assured Lingerie For Thighs cater to all body shapes and sizes and we also understand that everyone's fit and body shape will be different.  If you would like to try before you buy, you are more than welcome to come and try for yourself at the markets we visit several times a year (join our Facebook page for posts about these events). Or take the plunge and purchase a pair to try on at home and if you need to adjust the size or return them, I offer a 30 day return policy!
You can also contact me to ask specific questions at

Waist Rise: 

There are two waist rise options for preference and comfort (Low and Mid Rise).
Please check the image of our models above to help you compare waist rises,
then refer to the chart for waist measurements.

Leg Length:
The longer length sits approx. mid thigh (on a taller frame) 
and just below mid thigh (on a petite frame).

If in doubt and you want maximum coverage for thigh chafing,
start with our mid thigh length.

Mid Leg
Is approx. 18cm from inseam. (Measure from the top of the inside leg at crotch).
Note: This differs slightly on each body shape.
Short Leg:
Is approx. 15cm from inseam. (Measure from the top of the inside leg at crotch).
Note: This differs slightly on each body shape.

Need a longer or shorter length? Need a higher waist? 

Please let us know using our contact us page…. your request counts!  
We will release these styles sooner if we get enough interest. :)