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Why Miss Monroes?

Women selecting dresses from a rack
Who are we?
Gorgeous & feminine, sophisticated chafewear! 
We adore wearing dresses and skirts and Miss Monroes lingerie for thighs, helps us and 100's of women worldwide, to embraces dress-wearing whilst preventing painful inner thigh chafe. 

What Causes Chafe?
Chafing can be caused from the friction of skin touching during hot or humid weather. It makes it impossible to wear dresses without protection from friction, and we just hated wearing boring bike shorts, thick leggings or uncomfortable shapewear to fix the problem. Most solutions available are non-breathable, heavy and hot and all look the same as box cut bike shorts...some in shiny lycra and others in a matte with no personality!

The Solution?
We design sophisticated, feminine, confidence boosting, sexy looking - yet incredibly comfortable, Lingerie for Thighs!  Phew! 
Made with breathable and moisture wicking SMART fabric, and luxurious stretch lace (with no silicone insight - for those with sensitive skin), these anti-chafe shorts will leave you feeling super cool, give you back your summer dresses and allow you to express your style!
Our beautiful range of colours and styles compliment your outfits, not drag them down. Say no to chafe, say Yes to the dress!

Why the Name?
The Founder Lisa Munro, wanted to create a sophisticated, empowering and feminine solution to thigh chafing initially just for her to wear, but soon friends and acquaintances encouraged her to create a business to share her designs with the world. When deciding on a name for her brand, Lisa blended her own last name (Munro) with a name that symbolised femininity and confidence (the iconic Marilyn Monroe) to create Miss Monroes, Lingerie for Thighs.

Each year Miss Monroes loves to support Frocktober!  We help to raise money for this great cause whilst encouraging us to wear dresses everyday in October.

We want to empower women of all backgrounds and fashion styles to help support this common cause. We know there are a lot of women out there suffering from chafe, who have given up on wearing dresses...We hope to change this forever and as an amazing bonus they can join in this frocking fabulous fundraising campaign each year! In the past, chafing would have made this impossible for many women to take part, especially as the weather is warming up this time of year... Now, with our very practical, yet gorgeous range, there's a Miss Monroes anti-chafe short ready to mix and match with all the dresses just waiting to be flaunted and frocked!

 Express yourself, your wardrobe and remember to love THIGH self!

xx Lisa