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You CAN Wear Dresses Again!

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You CAN Wear Dresses Again!

Yes!  You. CAN. Wear Dresses Again! 👗

I receive many comments from women expressing how they haven't worn dresses or skirts for years.

They felt it was their "lot" in life to wear trousers or leggings under dresses. The reason?...

They all suffered from thigh chafing.

female in skirt covering her thighsPhoto by Brooke Cagle

This is a painful condition when your thighs feel like they are burning from the friction of rubbing together just by walking. This happens when your thighs touch as you walk.

Sometimes it's worse on very hot or cold days. But mostly, if your thighs rub, and you don't have protection, all you can think about is:

- My thighs are on fire!  oh how they burn! 
- Will I be able to keep walking without the pain getting worse?
- I shouldn't have worn this dress!
- Can everybody tell I'm walking funny?
- I'm never wearing dresses again...

It can ruin your day!

Thigh chafe is similar to how a blister forms wearing new shoes... at first you feel some discomfort on your heel, then it gets worse and the blister forms. And if it bursts? You know how painful that is!

Imagine this on the sensitive skin of your inner thigh? #OUCH

female with her head in her handsPhoto by Abigail Keenan

It may sound yuk but it's actually a VERY common problem experienced by thousands of women of all shapes and sizes. And I'm here to tell you, there is no shame or need to feel embarrassed or alone.

I too, suffer from my thighs rubbing together. I've had it since I was a teenager and there were no undergarments available that were either pretty or not heavy bike shorts or that didn't cut into my leg (like shapewear).

But I was determined to wear my dresses and skirts again, so I designed my own range of undergarments called Miss Monroes, Lingerie for Thighs!

These will save your skin, you'll feel ultra comfortable and confident all day and best of all you will look and feel gorgeous!

Bring dresses back into your life.  Wear anti-chafing lingerie that makes you feel fabulous and won't ride up or roll down and makes you feel like flashing a bit of leg!

female in dress flashing a little legPhoto by Vanessa Serpas

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Say YES to the DRESS! ❤️