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My Story


black anti chafing shorts, lingerie for thighs with lace trimUnapologetic and Glamorous, 
Miss Monroes "Lingerie for Thighs", were born out of the need to withstand the hot Australian Summer… without that irritating thigh chafe many of us know only too well.

For years, I felt trapped in the only clothes that would save me from painful thigh chafing - jeans, leggings, trousers and pantyhose - or wearing shape wear or shiny bike shorts under dresses and skirts.

There were no products that provided a glamorous under-dress option that expressed my girly, flirtatious side (or that I wouldn’t mind flashing if caught in a gust of wind!).  
So I took matters into my own hands, and set out to design undergarments that would prevent thigh chafe, look beautiful and feel like wearing sexy lingerie.
And so Miss Monroes was born.

My designs are created from the heart and with real passion to provide you with a glamorous, empowering product of the highest quality.

Creating Miss Monroes has been about so much more than the designs. It’s been an incredible journey where I’ve learned so much about self-acceptance, creativity, body kindness and, most importantly, my passion for empowering women to embrace their shape.
Love THIGH-self ladies! 







xx Lisa xx