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Surviving summer with Miss Monroes

Surviving summer with Miss Monroes

Surviving summer with Miss Monroes

Curve Creation blog Missi poses in Pink Miss Monroes anti chafing shorts under a blue floral dress

So being a fuller figured girl who holds most of her weight on her lower half, thigh rub has unfortunately become a very real reality for me the past 2 years. Especially in the height of the Australian summer when I hang up my stockings, I get caught in this halfway place where its too hot for pants but wearing a dress leaves me open to thigh rub. Being allergic to the silicone means any kind of leg banding just wasn’t going to work for me and the fabric being breathable and comfortable was also important. So I was super excited to be able to road test some Miss Monroe’s anti chaffing shorts, which I was absolutely thrilled with!

Missi from Curve Creation posing in silver lace trimmed Miss Monroes lingerie for thighs

Miss Monroe’s is an Australian brand of anti-thigh chaffing shorts, aimed at being functional yet pretty these shorts are great for gals who don’t want to feel like they’re stuck wearing bike shorts. Miss Monroe’s is a boss babe business, owned and run by the wonderful Lisa who started her business to offer women a fun, feminine, flirty option to stopping thigh chaffing! And its a sentiment I truly applaud! Just because something is functional, doesn’t mean it can’t have all the bells and whistles that make me love foundations so much.

Miss from curve creation posing in Pink Miss Monroes Lingerie for thighs

Made from a comfortable supplex fabric that not only breaths but has some moisture wick, it means not only do I not feel stifling hot but they stopped me feeling slimey sweaty when I wore them. I was excited for the lace trims on these shorts, which aren’t just pretty but I found also helped stop rolling of these on both the top and the bottom, which was something I was very concerned with initially that I was DELIGHTED they didn’t do (its why I RARELY wear full pantyhose as they always roll on my body). Another bonus of Miss Monroe’s is that they aren’t shapewear! Now don’t get me wrong, I love my shape wear but when its steamy and hot the last thing I want is something constricting me. Miss Monroe’s are stretchy and comfortable to wear without feeling like I’ve got everything sucked in.

Double image of Miss from Curve Creation posing in Miss Monroes Lingerie for thighs anti chafing shorts in pink and black styles

I’ve been road testing my Miss Monroe’s for a while now in their pink ‘LA VIE EN ROSE’ Short leg and their ‘SILVER SCREEN GODDESS’ mid leg length shortswhich I’ve worn under a mix of outfits. The short leg have been a life saver with my wiggle dresses that have splits, as they’re short enough to stop the chaffing without being too long that you can see them. I recently wore my Mid-length pair to the Australian tattoo expo for a day of walking which allowed me to wear a skirt instead of pants. I did find the black had more tummy stretch initially than the pink, though after two or so swears it wasn’t noticeable.

Side view of Miss from Curve creation posing in Miss Monroes anti chafing lingerie

Miss Monroe’s, being an Australian brand mean they are made for our summers from the best possible materials. By buying from Miss Monroe’s you are supporting a local business and local industry, which is always a massive plus! For size reference I’m wearing the 16-18 in both of my Miss Monroe’s. The fabric does have some stretch but if in doubt I’d recommend sizing up.
Overall I give my Miss Monroe’s a 10 out of 10 for helping gals who suffer from thigh rub still feel and look cute while offering a functional way to combat the discomfort. It was such a liberating feeling to be able to just throw a dress on and not worry about if I wasn’t gonna be able to do the walking I needed while wearing it due to thigh rub. Free and frilly is something I definitely love.

Missi from Curve Creation posing in Silver screen goddess Miss Monroes anti chafing lingerie

I hope you’ve all loved this post and that its helped connect ladies who also suffer from thigh rub with a totally cute way to combat it. Miss Monroe’s range from $69.95-$79.95AU style depending + postage. And Miss Monroe’s also has afterpay for their Australian customers which splits it down to 4 fortnightly payments for you! So if you want to fight thigh rub and look hella cute doing it, snap yourself up a pair now!

Missi Logo

Disclaimer: Whilst I received these items in collaboration with Miss Monroe’s, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers.

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Sizing Chart




Size Guide

Size Guide


Miss Monroes, Lingerie for Thighs are designed to fit comfortable and snug, without the pressure of slim wear. 

  • The 4 way stretch of this high tech breathable fabric means that it will stretch with your body. 
  • The gorgeous lace trim on the leg should hug your thigh to keep them in place and not pinch or be too tight.
  • There may be slight differences in the stretchiness of each type of lace trim.  If you feel your thigh shape needs a little extra room, go up a size.**   : )
**If you are unsure, buy the next size up and if it’s not right,
we are happy to exchange or refund (check our refund policy here).

If you are in between sizes follow this table:
For best results, select the size range you are closest too. 
  • For example if you are in between sizes 14 and 16, yet closer to 16, select size 16-18. (Remember size is just a number!)
  • In between size 14-16, but you are closer to a size 14? (choose Size 12-14) 
  • If you are truly in-between sizes (e.g. size 11) then use your judgement on whether you think you need a little more give around the leg and lace trim... and select the next size up or down accordingly.

  Hey Gorgeous ladies!  I am gradually improving my Sizes 20-22 and 24-26 by applying the
plus+ sizing to certain styles.  This is because I still have stock in those sizes, that were made with the Australian Standard sizing. So at the moment, these are the styles that have the Plus sizing applied... The Marilyn, Swan Lace and Deja Nude. As I order more stock the other styles will become available in Plus Sizing. Thank you for your patience lovelies.
If you are unsure of the sizing, just drop me a line on!  Rest assured Lingerie For Thighs cater to all body shapes and sizes and we also understand that everyone's fit and body shape will be different.  If you would like to try before you buy, you are more than welcome to come and try for yourself at the markets we visit several times a year (join our Facebook page for posts about these events). Or take the plunge and purchase a pair to try on at home and if you need to adjust the size or return them, I offer a 30 day return policy!
You can also contact me to ask specific questions at

Waist Rise: 

There are two waist rise options for preference and comfort (Low and Mid Rise).
Please check the image of our models above to help you compare waist rises,
then refer to the chart for waist measurements.

Leg Length:
The longer length sits approx. mid thigh (on a taller frame) 
and just below mid thigh (on a petite frame).

If in doubt and you want maximum coverage for thigh chafing,
start with our mid thigh length.

Mid Leg
Is approx. 18cm from inseam. (Measure from the top of the inside leg at crotch).
Note: This differs slightly on each body shape.
Short Leg:
Is approx. 15cm from inseam. (Measure from the top of the inside leg at crotch).
Note: This differs slightly on each body shape.

Need a longer or shorter length? Need a higher waist? 

Please let us know using our contact us page…. your request counts!  
We will release these styles sooner if we get enough interest. :)